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oh, gravity, why can't we seem to put it together

i might be going back to school tomorrow (i was supposed to go today, but the hurricane kind of knocked out the school's electricity so...there's that) and thought a post was in order. i was thinking of doing an about me post, as itachibana13 had, but instead i'll do a summer wrap up/about me post! um, this might be rather long, so a forewarning!

my name is alexandra and i go by alex/alyx/wonder. i'll be a junior in high school this incoming year which means sats/studying/tests galore. yay. |: i live in a little known city in maryland of the united states where there are loads of farms for one mile and then a lot of stores in the next. i'm definitely not a city-slicker, but i'm not a country bumpkin either.

i have a dog named stella and her name is quite fun to yell out in the house 8). i'm not really an organized person, i'm rather forgetful (i can forget what i just had said), and i kind of am rather calm. my exact personality type, according to myers-briggs, is an ISTP. all i really got from the test is that i like to see how things work, am a daredevil, and am rather emotionless. another point is my emotional intelligence is quite low, no idea what that means.

my main fandoms are 2pm, big bang, and harry potter. i dabble in most jype groups, most yg groups, shinee, snsd, b1a4, dbsk, block b, jay park, glee, sports (american football mostly), f(x), x-men first class, and inception!

this summer though, very recently in fact, i got into dr who! i started with the eleventh doctor and OMFG I LOVE MATT SMITH! AND KAREN GILLIAN! i so will try and get into the fandom sometime soon. then, recently too, i've had a strong urge to go back to watching spn because i oddly miss it.

i skipped hurricane irene completely by going with my family to take my sister to her college, then returning back to our house. with no power. and a nearly dead phone and itouch |: not so happy with the last part. BUT I HOPE ALL MY EASTERN COST FRIENDS ARE OKAY. FIRST AN EARTHQUAKE THEN A HURRICANE D:

early parts of the summer i don't remember so much. um, i saw harry potter 7 part 2 right when it came out and i had my elder wand with me 8). i wrote some things, rather randomly and sparsely, but i did write things! i watched the first season of misfits~! i really like that show ): pause got me into x-men first class. and erik/charles. and alex/everyone. sighs, too many fandoms.

kpop news, i like hitt, but there isn't enough information about them for me to really be in the fandom. b1a4/block b, i really need to try a little harder! I'M YOUR MAN BY 2PM IS FUCKING AWESOME AND SO IS HANDS UP. I LOVE THAT THEY'RE NOT ALL DEPRESSING AND SHIT ANYMORE. also, 2pm show is amazing and i love 2pm being dorks ): big bang i sorta stayed away from, because if not i would have completely raged.

lots of shit happened in fandom |: seriously kfandom can be very serious sometimes. thinking of f-locking my journal but idk, i really don't have a need to...but at the same time i'm kinda iffy leaving it open.

school! school |: i'll rant about my schedule later, but basically i have world history ap first ): i was put into the wrong chorus class. i signed up for chinese and there's no teacher. what the hell is my school year already.

um, yeah, that's it? let me end it with ~weird things about me~

-i strangely like idols with bloodtype ab

-i am such a night owl, such a night owl

-i got sorted into ravenclaw on pottermore, then in gryffindor the next time

-i'm an awkward person, so much that i'm really glad for all of you on my friend's list. idk how i managed D:

-i make no sense half the time unless you know me really well

-i like profiling people |:

this is probably the longest post i've ever done omfg

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