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Hey everyone. I heard you were in need of a new fandom and, guess what? I've got a great fandom for you! It is a new boy group and they're still in the predebut~debut stage but they have a lot of stuff already out. This pimp post is a wonder production because I know too much about them already and I hate myself. I'll try not to make this too picture oriented since I don't want to kill computers.

Yeah did you watch that? That was the new group I'm talking about. Their name is 방탄소년단 (Bangtansonyeondan) a.k.a Bulletproof Boyscouts. Or the Bangtan Boys. Or Bangtan. Or BTS. They have a lot of names, but I'm fond of Bangtan so that's what I'm going to use throughout this. They are a seven-member boy band under Big Hit Entertainment (known for 2AM and GLAM...pretty sure they're a sub-sect of JYP??). They've been around in some form or shape since 2010 (there were five other people that have since left including rapper i11evn). Officially they debuted today with the song No More Dream and are having a showcase for fans as well.



Rap monster (people shorten it as rapmon sometimes) is the leader of Bangtan. He is often seen with glasses everything, but there a few pictures where he's not wearing them. From what I gather, he's really...strange ? lmao. I mean, he said he practiced fingering. Not really, he meant the hand motions rappers do but he said it as "fingering" because he dumb. That's something I noticed he does, says things that aren't meant to be jokes, but they turn out funny anyway. Also, he tends to fumble over his words a lot even though he says he doesn't. Supposedly he's playful and full of cuteness a la Jimin. He's close to Suga and J-Hope since they're all pretty close in age and they're the rappers of the group.

- Real name Kim Namjoon (김남준)
- Born September 12th, 1994
- Blood type A
- Rapper
- English Speaking
- From Illsan
- Favorite Number: 1


Jin is the visual of Bangtan. He is probably the quietest member (at least when he's by himself). Pretty soft spoken and I'm pretty sure he's done the least amount of vlogs out of the whole group. When he's with the other members he seems to absorb their energy because the rest of the group is LOUD. Supposedly he takes good care of his body. Jimin called him the team martyr and I have no idea what that's about. I would say he's close with Rapmon and Suga because they've all been in the group together for a longer amount of time. They're also close in age. He seems to dote on Jungkook.

- Real name Kim Seokjin (김석진) ?
- Born December 4th, 1992
- Blood type O
- Vocalist, Visual
- Good at Cooking
- Favorite Color: Pink
- Favorite Number: 4


Suga suga how you get so fly~ This guy seriously acts like the manager for them or something. He calls himself Bangtan's public relations bot and it really fits. He's always on twitter posting selcas or pictures or just tweeting random things. For the showcase, he is the one trying the hardest to get people to submit applications and things. I think his signature is eungkyakya, he writes it when he's the one tweeting and on his fancafe posts. He's considered the "hyung next door" and filled with lots of useless knowledge. Definitely the closest to Rapmon, but it's always Rap monster, Suga, J-hope trio doing things together. He also bullies Jimin a lot.

- Real name Min Yoongi (민윤기)
- Born March 9, 1993
- Blood type O
- Rapper
- From Daegu
- Favorite Color: White
- Favorite Number: 3


In his concept pictures and in the teaser videos he looks like a little badass. Let me tell you a secret. He is not, he is the opposite. On the vlogs he's very talkative and very cute. Not like aegyo explosion (he's awful at aegyo actually) but just very happy, completely full of smiles and weird jokes. You can see on all the videos he's done, and he's done a /lot/, that he's just full of sunshine. Again, J-hope's close with Rapmon and Suga, but he's done a lot of vlogs with Jungkook and seems pretty close to the magnae.

- Real name Jung Hoseok (정호석)
- Born Febuary 18th, 1994
- Blood type A
- Rapper, Dancer
- Featured in Jokwon's Animal | Live 2
- Favorite Color: Green
- Favorite Number: 7


This boy is totally strange. He's also soft spoken like Jin, but he is definitely one of the talkative members. One of his vlogs was just explaining the other members in ~secret.~ He updates on twitter a lot and talks and acts like he has enough confidence for the whole group. It's mostly joking, though. From what I've seen he's definitely confident, but not as much as he plays it up. Yeah, he was the one in the teaser that lifted up his shirt a day after complaining about weighing too much. Boy please. Him and V are same age friends so that usually comes with being really close, but since V is a mystery I'm not sure. This poor boy gets teased by his hyungs a lot (mostly Rapmon and Suga so far). When the teaser came out Suga was talking about Jimin being mean to hyungs (as he was the one who kicked the members) and Rapmon talked about using his washboard abs to do laundry.

- Real name Park Jimin (박지민)
- Born October 13, 1995
- Blood type A
- Vocalist, Dancer
- Favorite Color: Light Blue
- Favorite Number: 3
- From Busan


Mysterious mystery V. So, the big deal with him is that no one knew who the hell he was or that he even existed until the first teaser came out. The first teaser that was just words and revealed all the members names. Suddenly V showed up and everyone was like ......what. And! He's not a late edition. He's been in the group since 2010. Big Hit just hid him from everyone. This boy has been kept in the basement for 3 years as the rest of the group was doing vlogs and updating twitter and all these things. Then Big Hit revealed his face first and he was the first member to get a fansite because he's really pretty. That's about...all I know about him. Um..he likes selcas. His signature for posting things is vV. He really really likes selcas.

- Real name Kim Taehyung (김태형) ?
- Born December 30, 1995
- Blood type AB
- Vocalist
- Favorite Color: Black and White
- Favorite Number: 10


So this is the baby of the group, Jungkook. He's very similar to Jin in that he doesn't talk much. When he did his second vlog with Jimin, Jimin motioned for Jungkook to talk and there was 10 seconds of full out silence. It partially might have to do with him being the magnae so he doesn't want to be loud and outspoken? When he's doing vlogs by himself he's a lot more talkative, but when he's with the other members he seems to be restraining himself kinda. Not forced or anything, more like 'hyung will say this for me' type of thing. Also like Jin, he's a lot louder when he's with the all of the other members. Okay this baby is a serious threat. Dancing, singing, rapping, you name it he'll do it AND be good at it too. He seems closest to the two other dancers, Jimin and J-Hope, but everyone seems to really like magnae.

- Real name Jun Jungkook (전정국)
- Born September 1st, 1997
- Blood type A
- Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper
- Favorite Color: Red
- Favorite Number: 1
- From Busan

Play Guess the Member

-v & j-hope | v & jin

-jimin & jungkook | jimin & suga

-v & jimin | suga & rapmon

-jin & dog | jimin & cat

* marks a personal fav


We Are B.P.B* +2 | Seventeen | Favorite Girl (Subs) | Suicide (Eng) | Where U At | Dreamin | Thinking Bout U | Rap Monster | La La La +2 | Ugly Duckling: 녹음물* +1 | Untitled | Check the Voice +3 | 콜라보 | Illest Bitch | 간지플레이어 (2008)* +1 |You Can't Do That +4 | The Swagger +3 | 94년생들이 한 단체랩 +6 | Rollin +3 tw: rape, cw: offensive language | 7 Dayz +1 | Rap +1 | Regular Girl | 닥투 | Glory |


All I Do Is Win | Swagger | Diss | Dream Money


Satoori Rap*-Rap Monster & Suga +1 | Like A Star-Rap Monster & Jungkook (Subs) | 어른아이*-Rap Monster, Suga, & Jin | Waterfalls-Rap Monster & Jungkook | 흔한 연습생의 크리스마스*-Jin, Rap Monster, & Suga | Love U, Hate U - Rap Monster(?) & 2am


-Rap Monster, Jin, & Suga | original

흔한 연습생의 크리스마스
-Rap Monster, Jin, & Suga

-Rap Monster

-J-Hope, Jimin, & Jungkook | original


1 2 3

jimin 2 | jungkook | j-hope, jungkook, jimin | jungkook and j-hope "b-boy"

rapmon freestyle 2 3
jungkook vocal practice
harlem shake
Let's Introduce BANGTAN ROOM - love this rap
suga maschine mk2 review - truth be told he just does an awesome beat at the end
졸업 making film
No More Dream making film
Album Jacket photoshoot

Showcase - We are Bulletproof pt. 2 & No More Dream
Mnet Countdown
Music Bank
Music Core (they haven't uploaded b.p.b pt 2 yet)

-there are a bunch of vlogs on BANGTANTV and I'm not linking them all only ones that were interesting because they were being very cute or funny

jimin & jungkook 130224 | rapmon & j-hope 130313 | rapmon full eng 130327 | j-hope & jungkook 130401| j-hope & jungkook 130508

Eng Subbed

three stars means you have to watch it 8D

jimin & jungkook | suga*** | j-hope | j-hope & jungkook*** | rapmon | j-hope & rapmon | suga | j-hope | suga*** | jimin

Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Facebook
BANGTANTV - full of vlogs and the like
BTS Trans - English translations for tweets and other things
BANGTAN - Latest news and updates
Bangtan Twitter - All the members tweet on here!

Any questions you have leave a comment and I'll try to answer! I'm definitely not an expert, but I do know too much lmao.
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